Lifetime Service Award during IMACON 2011

B C Roy National Awardee

Chairman, Administration & Grievance: Medical Council of India
Member , National Board of Examination (NBE) 2016
Member: Council of World Medical Association (WMA
Member: Ethics Committee of World Medical Association (WMA)
Advisor: Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia & Oceania (CIMMAO)
President : Urological Society of India (2008-2009)
President: Indian Medical Association (2007-2008)
Vice President: Commonwealth Medical Association (2007-2010)

Dr. Ajay Kumar belongs to a rare breed of medical professionals who combine academic excellence with deep concern for social welfare.   Not without reason, colleagues and friends see him as an activist who not only wants to cure the suffering, but, also the ailing society.  He is a scientist, an artist, a technologist, a social worker and, above all a humanist, who tends his fellow beings to overcome adversaries of all kinds – physical, mental and social.

Born in a middle class family in East Champaran, the land from where Mahatma Gandhi launched his crusade against the exploiters, he had his schooling at the Netarhat Residential School known for its discipline and rigorous teaching.  He started displaying his brilliance right from childhood.

With heart of a poet and hands of an artist he could have been a painter.  Instead he opted for a bigger canvas of medical profession.   After obtaining a degree in medicine from Patna Medical College (‘Prince of Wales Medical College’) under Patna University, he sailed to England to specialize in the discipline of urology.  He could have very well stayed back to pursue a highly lucrative career there but driven by the sweet smell of home soil, he returned to serve the BIMARU (ailing) State, his homeland Bihar,  with enthusiasm.  He always quotes John. F. Kennedy, to remind  people around him “Don’t ask what the country has done for you.  Ask what you have done for your country”.  That explains his Philosophy.

At Patna, Dr. Kumar provides A Class services to the poor & downtrodden while conducting researches in different fields of Urology, results of which are presented, debated and appreciated at various National and international fora. Due To his academic excellence and devotion to Urology he gradually scaled up in Urology Society of India  to  become its National  president ..

However, he does not confine himself to his comfortable Chamber, Labs & Operation Theatres because he realizes that besides the curative aspect of health management a lot has to be done in the fields of prevention of diseases.  For this, poor and semi-literate people need to be educated, and his colleagues/staff need to be motivated.

Being associated with Indian Medical Association in different capacities rising from grass root level to become its National President, he took a lot of initiative in survey and identification of prevalent diseases.  He also organized Rashtriya Swasthya Mela at various places in the state in which lakhs of people were examined for health deficiencies and provided medical support.  As National President of the Indian Medical Association he has initiated many projects and public awareness programmes at national level with mercenary zeal.  “Beti Bachao Desh Bachao”, “Anaemia Free Children”, “Care for Elderly”, “Disaster management Cell of IMA” are the few of the projects close to his heart.

He is known for his honest, frank and fearless opinion on matters of public interest which is reflected in his active national campaign against “Fake drug manufacturing” and “quackery” in India.  He is a crusader of medical profession fighting relentlessly to protect the dignity and rights of his colleagues.  But, he does not lose the opportunity of condemning misguided members of the profession and advise them follow the path of truth and ethical practice.   As a member of  the council of World Medical Association (WMA)  for last  almost a decade he has raised many issues on different health problems in the Asian subcontinent and ethical medical practices, with special interest in “Ethical Dilemma in Human Organ Transplantation”, at different international fora.

Realising that uncontrolled population explosion was the main hurdle in the economic development of the Country and of Bihar, he involved himself with the special campaign called “Jansankhya ke Virudha Sangharsh”.  He organized a series of camps to make people aware about importance of small family and methods of family planning.  He found that people, particularly in rural areas, were eager but there was none to educate and motivate them.

This finding led him to realize that without universalisation of quality of education and motivation, proper health management and population control cannot be ensured.  Hence he focused his attention towards innovative school system to promote quality education among the poor children.  With the help of alumni of the famous Netarhat Residential School, he setup a residential school at Purnea in Northeast Bihar To promote Creativity and Creative Learning among the children, particularly belonging to lower middle & downtrodden class, he started Association for Promotion of creative Learning (APCL) in State capital.  Through this                                           organization Dr. Kumar is silently spreading innovative education in the rural and suburban areas of Bihar.

This organization has also done spectacular works in generation of environmental awareness through “Prakriti Joda Abhiyan”.  He has been taking keen interest on promoting welfare of handicapped children by organizing special functions to convince them they are inferior to none.   Like a restless bird Dr. Ajay Kumar soars high in his pursuit of excellence and service to humanity.